EP-3B 190nm-405nm-445nm-450nm-532nm OD3+ Green/Blue Laser Protective Goggles Glasses

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EP-3B 190nm-405nm-445nm-450nm-532nm OD3+ Green/Blue Laser Protective Goggles Glasses

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This laser safety glasses is for blue and green laser. and it is used in condition which operator need higher laser visibility and meanwhile eye protection.


protective goggles: 190nm-540nm it can work for violet, blue, green laser OD: 3+ CE certificated In the green laser or high brightness green laser light environment, you need to protect the eyes. However, in this environment, some work, such as optical path adjustment, optical assembly and inspection, to protect against the bright green, but also requires a certain amount of green light as a working light. The amount of green light can not damage the eyes but still can be seen for working purposes. This laser goggles have a lower OD parameter: EP-3B OD = 2.5 @ 190-540 nm with an OD = 3.0 at 532 nm. This setup can let you both can see the green light path, but also protect the eyes from the green light damage. If you need 532nm full protection, please use other CE certificated goggles in our store. Our company specializes in the development of the absorption of the wavelength of protective glasses, and can be developed according to requirements.
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Additional Information

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Suitable Laser Wavelength UV, 405nm Diode Laser, 445nm 450nm Blue Diode Laser, 505nm-525nm Green Diode Laser, 532nm Green Laser

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