1655 515nm 10mw Pure Green Dot Cross Focusable Diode laser Module

1655 515nm 10mw Pure Green Dot Cross Focusable Diode laser Module

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Unique Color of Laser Beam, Pure Green or Light Green

Stable Performance for the laser light is directly from Laser diode not transversed from 808nm laser diode

No IR included like 532nm laser

Output stable at a much broader temperature range

Suitable for wood cutting, construction site, alignment, locating

Can be used in escap room stage lighting



Wavelength: 515nm
Output: 10mw
Laser shape: dot point/line generator/cross hair
Laser diode brand: Sharp
Working temp.: -10 C~~+45 C

Comparation with 1875 green laser
1.our 1875 green laser is DPSS laser module, it has dust-proof cover and a little bit water-proof effect. but the 1655 one does not have dust cover and do not have waterproof effect. so that it cannot work on stone sawmill.
2.working temp. of 1875 green laser is 0 C~ 45 C, the 1655 one is -15 C ~ 45 C, if you add heatsink on it, you can prolong the duty cycle as long as you want.
3.1875 green laser module is unfocusable, we had set the fl at 3m, while the 1655 one is focusable, you can rotate the tip of the laser housing and adjust the fl as you like.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Housing Shape Cylinder
SKU 1655-515
Wavelength 510nm 515nm 520nm
Output 6mW-29mW
Shape Dot, Line, Cross

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